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blog/ July 2

DIY faux fireplace


Before starting this project, it intimated the heck out of me but it was surprisingly fairly easy! When we decided on this house I knew I wanted to add a fireplace so I researched all options to build one and decided to do a faux one for a few reasons:

1. Running a gas line is a pretty penny

2. I don't like the look of electrical units with the fake flames

3. Cheapest option by a long shot after finding one on FB

4. I can decorate inside it :)

When stumbled across this gem for $50, I couldn't pass it up!


I started by tearing off the accent trim pieces then sanding it down to remove any excess glue & wood.


I wanted to paint the bottom portion before framing the top half because I wasn't sure how the paint would turn out so I figured it would be best to test out on a smaller area and here are the details:

Inner brick Paint:

Alabaster by Sherwin Williams



- I wanted to add texture so I started by applying 2 coats of venetian plaster with a steel trowel

- I then did 2 coars of vasari lime wash paint with a masonry brush


Now it was time to start framing! I got some 2-4''s and used a miter saw to cut them (the outer ones were cut at a slight angle to give it a pyramid look). 


When it was time to start drywalling I needed Riley's assistance because the pieces are to large for me to hold up to measure so having 2 people is necessary.  After they were cut and screwed in the wood (run over the screw heads with a trowel to ensure they are not sticking out) I taped the corners and gaps between the drywall + covered any screw heads with joint compound and steel trowel. Once the compound dried, I sanded down all areas to create a smooth surface. 

Then, I repeated the same painting steps as before and it was completed :) This is hands down my favorite thing in our home and i'm so happy with how it turned out!

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