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blog/ december 4

DIY tv frame

I like to incorporate a lot of antique frames in our house, so I knew that I wanted a similar frame for around the TV to make it look even more like a piece of art hanging on the fireplace. I’ve seen people talk about the Deco TV frames for a while, but if you know me, you know there is not a chance in heck that I would purchase a frame for around the TV when I can make it myself for a fraction of the price.

What you need:

The process:

1. cut your decorative trim piece to the size of your TV at a 45 degree angle

2. assemble the frame on a flat surface to ensure cuts are accurate

3. hold each corner together and use the staple gun + air compressor to nail 2 pieces together (about 2 nails each corner to secure)

4. hold frame against tv and make sure it fits correctly

5. spray paint entire frame 1 coat black spray paint and let dry

6. spray paint entire frame 1 coat gold spray paint and let dry

7. hang frame with command strips


This was overall a very simple project, just be mindful when you are measuring and cutting your pieces to ensure accuracy and not wasting wood :) 

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