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blog/ october 21

Kitchen update

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We've been working on our kitchen space for about 2 months now and I wanted to share a little bit about how we got here!

The kitchen is almost always the wow factor of a home. When we bought the house, the layout of it wasn't the issue by any means (the previous owners added the eat up island but the door/ drawer frames do not match the original ones on the perimeter).  I initially thought about completely gutting out all the cabinets because I am not the biggest fan of face frames in general as they are pretty outdated BUT that would have been a ton of extra gutting and installing ourselves on top of the cost of all the materials. So, I was more then willing to create the look I wanted with what we had to work with :)

This is also your friendly reminder that renovations/ decor don't have to cost an arm and a leg!

Here are the details :: 

-Cabinet paint » Retreat by Sherwin Williams
-Countertop paint (yes, I painted our countertops and I don't regret it one bit) » Natural White, linked here
- Hardware spray paint » Champagne Bronze RustOleum
- Wall/paneling/shelf paint » Alabaster by Sherwin Williams

We ended up tearing down the cabinets and backsplash because the whole wall just wasn't hitting home for me.  First, I knew immediately I wanted to update the appliances and started planning out the rest of the wall around a new hood vent.  Installing new backsplash from countertop to the ceiling wall would have been quite expensive, so I took a trip to Menards, found this wall paneling for a total of $40 and I LOVE IT! I've always wanted open shelving but wanted to make it practical.  So, I bought almost all of the decor from thrift stores or facebook marketplace and factored in some of our daily kitchen essentials. PLUS it was fairly cheap to add ourselves (the total price ended up being $30 for 2 shelves, and 4 brackets).  

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I found our spice cabinet on Ebay and it is hands down my favorite thing ever. I searched EVERYWHERE for a vintage/antique style one but it was tough to find one that was the right size and style I envisioned. I was pretty close to making Riley build me one but lucky for him, he got out of it :)

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The ceiling wallpaper was NOT the most pleasant thing to install but holy heckinbob did it completely transform this space! 

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I’m so happy to see my vision for this space finally come together but most importantly, have our kitchen back and fully functioning to start baking/ cooking all the comfort foods especially for the upcoming holidays! If you have any questions on painting cabinets, or how we redid the countertops, etc (full disclosure) I am no expert but would love to help if your thinking of doing the same! Don't hesitate to reach out by contacting me here.

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