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blog/ June 2

My Brand

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Growing Homes By Kinsey has been the most challenging, and rewarding experience! I love what I do, and when I first started, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing or how things would turn out. It truly isn't easy starting a business and navigating all the bumps in the road blindly.

I had no background in marketing but after I got my real estate license I started designing marketing materials and tapping into my creative side to brand myself and ended up finding one of my biggest passions! There's been nights that I got maybe 1-2 hours of sleep because I was just so invested into finishing a project or idea and would basically go manic over trying to finish. In the scheme of things, everything I do blends together so perfectly with real estate, photography, home renovations, and the other occupations I do on the side...and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I love being able to share my hacks, ideas, and projects with all of you and want nothing more then to inspire you to do the same with your own passions as well!

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