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blog/ january 4

Hallway Organization


So, moving into 2023 i'm working on a quite literally obsessive but slightly toxic trait of mine...which is constantly ensuring our house is well organized with every single item having a specific spot. Not being dramatic at all...any item we own, I can name its exact location at all times. I wouldn't say its a bad characteristic but definitely an exhausting one lol! 

But, for anyone struggling on keeping their house tidy, I am here to share some of my tips!

A huge part of being organized (and keeping it that way) is being practical. I love open shelving organization - it tends to be the most accessible in our house but most of the time, it's a little more difficult to decorate with all of the typical unseen items that are  shoved in the back of a closet. So, I like to make it cute!


It's best to start with what you have on hand, if you have any baskets, clear bins, jars, etc laying around your house, start there! It's pretty easy to get overwhelmed but don't take the process to seriously..its usually a task scheduled for a slow Sunday! 

I like to start with my "most used" items or things that I will want easy access to.
So, as you can see in our hallway I incorporated throw blankets, towels, and everyday bathroom items.

I personally like to use a lot of different textures with rattan/ wicker baskets - I find most of mine from FB marketplace, thrift stores, and etsy! These are generally inexpensive and very versatile in size/ style. I use these for the "unattractive" items. In our hallway I put sheets/ pillow cases in the lighter rattan basket, toilet paper in the darker wicker basket, and hair brushes/ styling items in the smaller rattan basket with handles.

As unexciting organizing can be, I love the feeling of the aftermath and tend to feel so accomplished/ relaxed after. Anywho...hope some of these tips helped!

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