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blog/ december 6

Painting kitchen countertops

After many questions on how I refinished our countertops i'm here to share all the juicy details!  I did these a little over 2 months ago and wanted to wait and share to see how well they held up in our kitchen. I am VERY impressed with the durability for how inexpensive this update was.  The previous homeowners installed a laminate with darker tones and I was definitely looking to have a brighter look but didn't want to completely replace with a new laminate and granite was not in the budget. I did some digging and found a few options to choose from..

What I used ::
(Total cost ended up being $132)

Other alternatives to consider ::
How to ::

The kit includes everything that you need: base coat, stone coat (2), top clear coat and utensils: sander, roller and covers (2), tray and paint brush.

What you will need to buy (optional but suggested): tape


We started the process by taping off our walls, cabinets, stove top, and sink.  The kit comes with in depth directions to ensure you get the best results so I wont cover that portion, but the whole process took me about a full day due to the drying time but I only spent a few hours prepping the kitchen, and painting the countertops. So, it was super easy overall! 

Outfit Ideas-25.jpg

I absolutely love the way they turned out and am pleasantly surprised with how durable they are! I don't put any direct heat and regularly clean them. The kit came with 2 cans of the stone coating and I only ended up using one - so, if ever needed I can do touch ups as well!

If your looking to update your countertops this is such a great way to spruce up your kitchen for a low cost!

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