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blog/ July 13

Retrospec bike review

bike island park-11.JPG

Living just blocks away from the local bike trails, & both lindenwood & island park has had me itching me to get a bike all summer! There was many listed on FB marketplace but none that caught my eye. I didn't want to spend a ton of money on a new bike not knowing how much I would use it.


I come across Retrospec's website and found this one (linked here) that was on sale and here are my honest opinions:


- Obsessed with the overall look

- Rides really nice, I knew I would hate a single speed bike and get overwhelmed by to many gears so the 7 speed was perfect for me.

- Great for in town cruising

- Super lightweight

- Seat is comfortable

- Assembly was super easy

- Affordable


- Not ideal for pulling a trailer/ attachment

- I personally don't like the handle bars (wish they were flat vs curved)

If your like me, and just need a bike to cruise around on, this is definitely a great option! However, like I said; I'm not a huge fan of the handle bars so i'm currently looking into getting that switched out! Overall, i'm very pleased with this one so far!


Additional accessories linked here:

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