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blog/ december 22

Simmer pot jars


I love making holiday simmer pots in our home, they’re so cozy!  These simmer pot jars are a super simple gift to create. All you need to do is gather the dried ingredients (see recipe below) and place them all into a jar. I dried out the oranges and apples in my oven for roughly 2-3 hours, flipping roughly every 45 min until they they were no longer moist. TIP: add cinnamon to your apples and it will make your house smell delicious! Add twine + a gift tag with instructions around the lid! I like to create my own design for the tag on a printable business card but you can always write out the instructions as well! These wood snowflakes were a fun touch to add too! Easy as that- your gift is complete!



(Based off 38oz jar)


citrus cinnamon spice

  • 2 dried oranges

  • 2 dried apples

  • 4 cinnamon sticks

  • 4-5 whole cloves

  • 2-3 star anise

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