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Simple fall decor

Fall - 2023-10.jpg
Fall usually goes by in the blink of an eye and I know it's ambitious to decorate mid September but I just can't help myself when I go to Costco and see HUGE mum's for only $15.99!!!'s a crazy deal you gotta go. I'm pretty sure they feed them steroids because everywhere i've been they are half the size and over $20. The two orange larger mums are from Costco but the smaller ones are from cashwise.

Our front porch is overall pretty meh but adding these and the lumpy pumpkins definitely helped spruce it up! 
Fall - 2023-15.jpg

The fireplace is hands down my favorite thing in our home. It's the center piece of the living room and I went with a faux one for a few reasons:

1. Running a gas line is a pretty penny

2. I don't like the look of electrical units

3. Cheapest option by a long shot after finding one on FB

4. I can decorate inside it :)

Pumpkins were the obvious choice to fill the insert so I ended up finding most from hobby lobby and a few from thrift stores.

Fall - 2023-13.jpg

I didn't want to overdue the fall decor just yet so I decided the sunflowers (Costco) and wicker pumpkin (thrift store) were enough for our kitchen area :) 

Fall - 2023-11.jpg
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