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blog/ october 26

Thrift finds

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I love mixing in new decor with a vintage/ antique style to our home and i've had some pretty amazing luck over the past few months! Moving into our new home ultimately meant that we had to decide what things we were going to keep based on what worked with the layout and the style I was going for. I knew right away I wanted a complete fresh start so I pretty much listed everything we had at the time on facebook marketplace. As much of a headache that it was, we had a lot less stuff to move and it felt like a massive weight off my shoulders to get rid of all the random stuff I had tucked away.  

Anyways, the out of pocket costs for a new house + the renovations we wanted to get started on right away, new furniture and decor was all adding up pretty quick! But, the absolute easiest way to save money is too find things used! 

Heres my hot picks ::

» Facebook marketplace
» Thrift stores
- I've had a ton of luck at The Arc locations both located in Fargo!
» Rummage sales/ Garage clean outs
» Antique stores

It does get a bit frustrating when you have a list of items you're hoping to find and you just can't seem to come across the right one. I've definitely learned to not get impatient and go buy (whatever it may be) for full price because I typically come across something simular; but almost always better than I had envisioned. It's usually a hit or a miss going to any local thrift/ antique stores so if going to them for fun isn't your jam like mine, maybe just stick to browsing facebook marketplace for easy access to whats available!


Quite possibly my favorite thing about thrifting/ buying used is your giving someone else's unwanted items a home again! The lifespan of random nicknacks is so fascinating to me because I always wonder who it was possessed by and how it came to be in my home after being made (some older then others) but possibly in the mid 1900s or earlier! 

Nowadays, most furniture is made as cheap as possible (this is my personal opinion) from manufactured wood, particle board, etc. Which definitely gives the look of real wood or a sleek paint BUT because of the material, it's just overall not a quality product.  Now, i'm not against these types of furniture by any means because I myself have a few in my household BUT every older piece I have is made out of real wood/ oak and I haven't spent more then $60 on any of them. Which is crazy considering they are much more durable overall, but because they are used, they are more than likely going to have a few scratches to them. 

I know my style doesn't match up to everyones, and that is OKAY. I mostly wanted to share that decorating/ home decor can still be achieved for a VERY low cost! My absolute favorite thing to do is spend days going thrifting because I honestly never know what i'm going to come across! 

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